The following guidelines have been set up to protect both Rebecca White of Advantage Marketing For You and you the client. Rebecca takes detailed notes of any phone conversations, or emails and holds you the client to those verbal or written agreements. She will confirm with you, the client, on all the details, once you, the client, give the approval it is set into the verbal or written contract.

It is best that you stay in full communication with Rebecca. Each client she takes on goes on a list, should you not follow through in the timeline given in the beginning of the contract, and then reach back out to Rebecca, a new written contract and FULL fee amount will be needed before Rebecca will start working on clients website. At this point your website will then be put to the bottom of the work list.

Rebecca is not responsible for your site/work being put to the bottom of the waiting list,  if you the client do not follow through on your agreement.

Before any work is started or price agreed upon a phone consultation is advised.

1. Payment for web site services must be paid in full, or if you have already prearranged with Rebecca the first 1/2 of the payment made up front according to the agreement date that you and Rebecca have agreed to, and All items needed to create your website (i.e. graphics, text, blog template, hosting account information, etc) needs to be to Rebecca within 15 days of setting up the agreement or the contract is null and void, and a new contract will need to be drawn up. Rebecca cannot work on your website without all items needed for the site. You will be moved to the bottom of the list of websites that Rebecca is currently working on. Rebecca works on a first come, first serve basis.

2. Should you decide you want to change the entire look of your website after the website had been approved by you, there will be an additional charge according to what package you want. This fee will be on top of the website that you have already had created.

Be clear what you would like done before agreeing either verbally or through written contracts or emails. Should you have any questions, Rebecca talks freely and fully with each client before working on their website. This pertains to any major changes after the first contract has been met and approved. There are times when the added amount of work would entail more hours than was originally quoted, at this time, Rebecca and you the client, can discuss whether it would be more beneficial to continue at an hourly rate or to add on a certain fee according to website rates.

Should you have any questions or need clarification please contact Rebecca White to set up a phone consultation.

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