Multimedia encompasses any media that isn’t just text. This includes audio, video, slideshow presentations, teleseminars, webinars and more.

Using multiple media gives you another way to connect with your audience members. People like to consume their information in a range of different ways, and by providing your content in multiple media you give your subscribers a choice of how they want to interact with you.

Here are some of the most popular multimedia choices and why you should consider adding them to your online marketing arsenal.

==> Audio – Podcasting and Content Downloads

Audio content has really taken off in the age of the iPod, iPhone and Android. Just about everyone has a portable audio player now.

Having your content in audio format makes it easy for people to listen to while they’re on the go. It’s especially appealing for people who like to learn, but don’t want to set time aside to read a book.

Instead, they like to listen and learn while they’re on the bus, in their car or walking to lunch. Audio makes it easy for them to do that.

==> Video Marketing: Letting Them See the Real You

How you appear in video is much closer than in text to how you appear in real life.

In text, people often form images of you that just aren’t how you actually are. When you’re on video, however, that makes it a lot easier for people to get to know the real you.

This helps build connection with your market, which in turn results in more trust, sales, backlinks and partnership opportunities.

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One of the newest forms of using video is with video email. Simple. Neat, and fun! Plus people are more likely to open up a video email rather than a text email.

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==> Webinars & Online Slideshow Presentations

Another common form of multimedia is webinars and online slideshow presentations.

Again, these can be used to build trust with your audience and offer another way for them to get the information that you’re providing.

Another benefit to using these media is that they offer you a stellar opportunity to sell products. Online presentations can build a lot of trust; and if you offer your product at the right time you can generate a whole lot of sales.

==> Different Ways to Deliver Multimedia

The most basic way to deliver multimedia is in an online format. Simply encode your audio content in MP3 format or upload your video content to YouTube or Vimeo, or use a great service such as Talk Fusion and make it available online.

A more complex way of delivering your multimedia would be to charge for it. You can often charge more for video or audio content than written content.

In order to do this, you’ll need to have a fulfillment system of some sort. If you’re small, this could just be you burning and mailing CDs & DVDs in your basement. If your site gets significant traffic, you’ll probably need to work with a fulfillment house.

You can also set up a membership site where people pay to receive your content. You can set it up to put out new content weekly, monthly or all at once, depending on what stream of income you want to explore and use in your business.

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Using multimedia is one of the best ways to take your blog from average to beyond average. Let people interact with you in a variety of different ways.

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