Being a mompreneur can be both incredibly challenging and incredibly rewarding. Rather than just raising a child or children, you’re also building a business at the same time – both of which take a ton of emotional energy and commitment. Here are few tips for succeeding as a mompreneur.

=> Separate Business and Personal

Having kids’ toys on your work desk or work papers in your living room is a recipe for trouble.

Emotionally, it can be very hard to concentrate on work when you have personal stuff in the same space. Having work scattered about your personal space can also induce a lot of stress.

Ideally, you should keep your business materials separate from your personal things. That way, when you’re working you’re working and when you’re not working then you’re not working.

One of the best ways to do this is with a separate room in the house as your home office.

=> Discover Distractions for Your Kids

One of the most effective ways to get more done as a mompreneur is to find a few healthy distractions for your kids.

For example, get your kids a basketball hoop. This is something they could play with for hours on end, giving you some free time to do your work.

Or, get them a game like Jenga, which is both exciting and requires them to develop hand-eye coordination.

The last resort is TV or video games, which you may or may not choose to have your children indulge in.

=> The Magic of Scheduling

The more you can schedule, the better. Schedule when you plan to work, when your kids are at the babysitter, when you’ll take breaks and be with your kids, etc.

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Of course scheduling everything simply isn’t realistic. Kids are naturally spontaneous and sometimes can unexpectedly interrupt even the most well-organized schedules with surprises.

That said, having a schedule can really help you maximize both your time at work and your time with your kids. The more you can plan things out in a way that works for everyone rather than just trying to wing it, the better.

=> A Babysitter May Be a Great Investment

Is an hour of work worth more than $20 an hour to you? If so, it may be well worth it to hire a babysitter to play with your kids, even if you’re in the house at the same time.

Because your kids know you’re there, they’ll still feel like they’re spending time with you in the house. However, they know that mommy needs to work right now and you’ll have much more leeway to do your work rather than have to worry about kids at the same time.

These are a few tips to succeed as a mompreneur. It’s not easy raising kids and building a business at the same time, but in a few years you might just look back on these challenges with a smile.