The Wealthy House Painter-You can view the site in its entirety by clicking on the screenshot of the site, you will than be taken to a new page, where you can view the full site.

In 2012 Terry Begue hired Rebbekah to revamp his old website and we created the new one in the first screen shot below:  The Science of Getting Hired. (Platinum Membership Site $1497.00 Example) to view the new site go to The Science of Getting Hired.

For this website, the price also included Rebbekah training Terry how to do a Podcast called “Conversations with The Wealthy House Painter“. All graphic work was included in the price.

What is included in a Platinum Package website? Click here

Below is what Terry Begue’s Website used to look like, we started out with an extensive Sales Letter in 2009. After three years Terry wanted a fresh new look, and that is when we decided to recreate the website which you see in the screenshot above.

“Before I started working with Rebbekah I was embarrassed to send clients to my website. Now, thanks to her I proudly use it as a selling tool every chance I get. My new website projects the professional image that sets me apart from my competitors.

Since working with Rebbekah I now have a second website that she designed for me. She understands I know very little about computers and is patient and easy to work with; if I have any questions she’s always just an e-mail away.

Now that both sites are finished she’s helping me with internet marketing. She just started and has already attracted a great deal of interest to both sites. Thanks to Rebbekah I have a much stronger presence on the internet.”

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Terry Begue