While as a WordPress Customization expert, and business owner, I know that when you first get started you may be on a very tight budget and cannot afford to hire someone to do a customized WordPress/Self-Hosted for only $297.00 so below is a suggestion to get you started for free.

Just be aware that there will be limits on what you can do with any website that you build using free services. (I will be posting a video in the next week about these limits and how you can actually start a DIY WordPress run website for as little as $24.97 a year, sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss this important video.)

However if this is all you have to start with then it is better to at least have some sort of real estate online than none at all. But keep in mind that as your business grows it is always better to have your OWN real estate online then to keep using a free service.

When that time comes be sure to check out all the different size packages that Advantage Marketing For You offers by checking out our WordPress Customization Packages. We work with all budgets, and if need me can set up a payment plan.

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