As an internet marketer and website designer I am interested in keeping up with new ideas and trends in internet marketing. Since I have been a website designer and webmaster for many clients for over 8 years and have experience creating my own marketing websites, internet radio shows, website promotion, making money on the internet, I have seen the internet change by leaps and bounds.

When I first started working from home video was unheard of in the business world and most people thought blogs were just for updating your family and friends on what was happening in your personal life. Well, all that has change in the past couple years. Businesses are now seeing the benefits of using WordPress to build their website, and the ease of being able to update their website on their own and achieve better Google ratings.

Before I suggest anything to my clients I always do a test run, so I decided to use my own radio show Heal Yourself Talk Radio as the test subject for WordPress and watched in amazement as I went from 50,000 listeners in 2008 to over 2.4 million by 2010! Just from switching my whole website over to WordPress and using the various Social Networks and WordPress plug in’s to promote.

It was amazing! I was so excited to see the huge difference just using WordPress made that I immediately started telling my clients about this.

Well here is another exciting program that I know will become the talk in the internet business world in 6 months to a year! Talk Fusion!

What is Talk Fusion?

In a hurry? Watch this video!

Talk Fusion Does Business in Over 85 Countries and was featured in Forbes Magazine-click here to read the article.

pulling-hair-outBefore I tell you more about Talk Fusion, I have to stop right here and now and tell you the nightmare I had with a client’s website and helping her with her video marketing campaign.

We all know about You Tube, Viddler and the other video websites that business owners can use in their video marketing campaigns. However for weeks I was racking my brain and my poor client was pulling her hair out, because none of them offered the perfect solution.

When you use You Tube if you don’t know how to make sure you are not checking the “show related videos” you can have all types of videos showing up at the end of your video, and now that You Tube has made that even more difficult to find you are almost stuck with having to have your video link to other videos, not what you want to do when you are marketing your own product. Others cost an arm and a leg each month and all they offer is a place to host (store) your videos and nothing else!

What about the hassle of trying to find a plug in that allows your videos to be seen on your WordPress blog?  That isn’t easy to find and customize let me tell you! I worked on this clients site for weeks, and many days for over 12 hrs or more a day trying to find a solution that was simple so she could do her videos herself and then allow her to upload them to her own site. I tried every plug in that I could find and none of them where simple for someone who was not used to doing HTML or simple embedding, or the horror of waiting hours upon hours for that video to just upload to the hosting and then find the correct url to place on the site.

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Well, after weeks of trying to figure out what to do, my client ran into a woman who was in Talk Fusion. She thought this would be a great service to use for her video marketing. I was skeptical at first because after all those weeks of trying one thing after another I was almost afraid to think that finally we had hit on a solution. That was until I tried it out! Talk Fusion is heaven! Pure and simple!

Talk Fusion offers the latest, cutting-edge Video Communications Products in one package! Video Email, Video Conferencing, Live Broadcasting, Video Auto-Responders, Video Blog, Fusion Wall and much more! 8 great Video Products – one low

Talk Fusion is so simple and fun to use!

Inside your Video Office you can send out Video emails, set up Video autoresponders: think about this, people are going, and going, and going day in and day out running here and there, they get a ton of emails from other marketers selling their products or telling them the latest and greatest thing that is on the market but who has the time to really read those long emails? I know I don’t. What better way to connect with your clients and newsletter subscribers than with Video email. I loved receiving emails from my client before I joined because it was more personal, I looked forward to hearing her voice and seeing her excitement about Talk Fusion.

My mind would start reeling with the different ways to use it in my own online marketing and the suggestions I could give to my website clients and how they could use this new service. The possibilities were endless and my mind was just hopping with excitement!

To be able to stand out of the crowd, be able to reach your clients in a new, exciting AND easy way! No hassles, no headaches, no complicated HTML, nothing but doing your videos and connecting with your client base or your listeners…that was HUGE!

Below is an example of how I used Talk Fusion when I was working temporarily at General Motors to send to my clients to show them about this wonderful new video marketing concept with Talk Fusion. I uploaded the video, created the template, and sent it out in an email from my list of clients right from my Video Communications Center.

Once I uploaded the video it was saved to my video library and I was able to very easily add the embed code right here so you can view the video as well…so that you can view the full effect of a video email and the template I have included a link to open in a new window below, and below that link you can see how I was able to embed the video without the template right onto my website with a simple copy and paste action:

Click here to view video and template together

Just the embedded video without the template:

Back to your video office, there are templates you can use to make your email videos more personal, after you use your web camera or upload a video you have done on a regular video camera, you can customize the template, and send it out to your subscribers. This is like Aweber or You Tube  on steroids!

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Your Video Communication Center will provide all the Tools, Tips, Techniques and Training you’ll need to impressively brand and promote your business.

Not only can you send out your videos to your subscribers but you can also share them on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, post them on the Fusion Wall and get this have an easy embed code to add that video to your website. Its easy! By far the easiest thing I have ever used for video marketing!

Now like I said above I don’t share any product or service with my clients unless I have used it myself, and I have to say I have used other video marketing services and they were all too complicated, or had poor customer service. NOT Talk Fusion, if you have a problem or a question they are right there to help you out!

They will also be introducing very soon Video Conferencing…so stay tuned.

I have talked enough, but if you are interested in boosting your business by combining both WordPress and Talk Fusion, let me know. I can show you how to get started today! Trust me its the easiest way to Video market that is out there now and you will have fun using this new service!

Don’t kick yourself down the road in six months when you see your competition using Talk Fusion, you read it here first…Email me today at and let’s set up a time we can talk about using Talk Fusion and WordPress to increase your bottom line and have fun doing it!

If you are like me (I am an information hound) and would like to do more research about Talk Fusion before talking to me about it, please feel free to click on one of the Talk Fusion banners, it will take you directly to the website where you will be able to view videos and receive more information about this new, cutting edge technology. Then get back with me and we can get you going today!