Generally, anyone making more than $10,000 per month through affiliate marketing can be considered a “super affiliate.” How can you go from beginner or intermediate to making five figures a month?

Here are a few sure-fire tips for becoming a super affiliate.

=> Attend Affiliate Conventions

ADTECH, Affiliate Summit West, Affiliate Summit East and many smaller conventions should be treated as mandatory events.

You won’t necessarily learn much from the speakers. The main benefit of going to affiliate conferences is to meet other affiliates and super affiliates.

Build relationships. Ask questions. Some things you might ask include…

  1. “What are your traffic sources?”
  2. “What kinds of offers have worked for you?”
  3. “What networks do you work with?
  4. How’s the service?
  5. Do they scrape (under-report leads)?”

So on and so forth. Don’t expect affiliates to share their secrets with you until you have a good enough relationship with them. Until you’re their friend, they won’t freely share their offers, traffic sources and tactics.

=> Experiment with Multiple Traffic Sources

Every affiliate has to go through a phase where they do some very heavy experimentation.

Some affiliates find that the meticulous honing of AdWords CPCs, keywords, ad copy and landing pages to be their perfect match.

Others prefer the long-term brand building of SEO. Others still prefer designing banner ads and creating graphical creatives, making money through the content network or through large media buys.

The sources of traffic are endless. In general, each affiliate will experiment with a variety of traffic sources and then land on one that really works for them.

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There’s no way to know which method will work for you without experimenting with a wide range of traffic sources.

=> Testing, Tracking and Scaling

No matter what kind of traffic source you end up using, you’ll still need to learn the skills of testing, tracking and scaling.

Testing involves trying different versions of your headlines, websites, ad copy and offers. Even the same offer from different affiliate networks can test differently. That’s why even if you’re using a relatively static technique like SEO, you still need to test offers, revenue sources and such.

Scaling is a whole other matter. Once you find something that works, how can you make the most of it? How do you turn one working campaign on AdWords into a working campaign on Yahoo, MSN, PPV, Facebook, SEO, banner ads and more?

These are three skills that every super affiliate has to master in order to succeed. In fact, many super affiliates succeed precisely because they’re so meticulous about testing and scaling.

These three tips – to meet other successful affiliates, to test and find your ideal traffic source and to split test and scale meticulously – Will take you very far if you follow them consistently.