Getting to work with your kids running around can seem absolutely impossible at times. Being a mom and running a home-based business at the same time is so incredibly challenging. While these strategies won’t relieve this challenge, they’ll help reduce your stress and help you get more done with the time you have to run your business.

=> Work in the Early Hours or Very Late Hours

Early in the morning before the kids wake up and/or the late hours after the kids have gone to bed can be incredibly valuable hours for a stay-at-home mom.

Get to know yourself and your internal productivity clock. Some people get the best work done late at night, while others get the most done early in the morning. Figure out which one you are and try and fit as much work as you can in that time period.

Sometimes the early mornings and/or late nights are the only interrupted time periods you’ll get in a day.

=> Involve Your Kids in Small Business Tasks

Have your kids remove staples or pack boxes of product. If you have rather repetitive tasks, chances are that if you make it a game your kids will actually enjoy it.

There are many benefits to involving your kids in the tasks of your small business. First of all, it gives them something to do so they’re not distracting you. It also gives them a bit more of a sense of what you do and gives them another dimension of connection with you.

If you’re lucky, they may even save you time by doing something valuable!

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=> Do Urgent Work First and Expect “Emergencies”

There are going to be days when you’re just not going to get anything done. You can’t always plan for and expect those days. Your child could stub his toe and you’ll need to unexpectedly spend the whole day in the hospital.

It’s bound to happen that at some point you’ll have to take unexpected breaks. Plan for it and just take it as part of the job that that’ll happen.

Do all your most urgent work first. Don’t wait until you have just 24 hours left to do anything, as surprises can pop up at any time.

=> Plan Your Quality Kids’ Time

Don’t just plan your time away from your kids – put story time or play time into your schedule. It can sometimes be so easy to get totally sucked into work and not actually take time off to really be with your kids.

When you’re with your kids, put work out of your mind and be with them 100%. They need their mom; and even if they don’t get to be with her all day they want her to be really there when she’s with them.