StumbleUpon is capable of sending literally thousands of people to your site in just days, even if you have no track record whatsoever. Doing so requires understanding the StumbleUpon system a bit, as getting traffic there is a little different than anywhere else on the internet.

How does StumbleUpon work and how can you use it to drive traffic? Here’s how.

=> The “Power Stumbler” Structure

The most important thing to marketing success in StumbleUpon is contacts with “Power Stumblers.”

Power Stumblers are people who can send over 1,000 stumblers to your page just by posting your site. In other words, they’re people who already have an audience and have spent a lot of time on the site.

They exist in every industry and they’re often specialized. In other words, one power stumbler might post exclusively about business and have business-oriented followers, while another posts primarily funny videos.

=> Contacting Power Stumblers

Start out by making a list of ten power stumblers who you’d like to make contact with. These should be stumblers who are influential and are in some way related to your business.

Follow their stumbles. Post reviews on their stumbles. Reviews are written by the first few stumblers and are crucial to a stumble’s success, because future stumblers will look at the review to decide if they’re interested in visiting a stumble. You can really help someone out by writing a great review.

Send them a personal message about one of their stumbles. Tell them you up-voted it or reviewed it. Ask them if they need any help with anything else.

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In other words, build a relationship and start doing favors. That way, when you need a favor in return (i.e. to have your post stumbled), they’re likely to say yes.

=> Random StumbleUpon Tips

In general, Sunday night is the best time to post your stumble, as people tend to be browsing and meandering online at that time.

It’s a lot easier to get a couple thousand people to a few pages than 10,000 people to one page. In other words, don’t try and get one page to explode in traffic, but try and get several pages to a good traffic flow.

For some reason, blogs tend to do better on StumbleUpon than other types of web pages. If it doesn’t make a difference to your site, then try and host your content on a blog rather than a static web page.

StumbleUpon marketing is different than other types of marketing in that it tends to be quite relationship based. Start building your favor bank by getting in contact with influential people in your space and helping them by reviewing and upvoting. Then and only then, ask them for a favor to promote your website when the time comes.