First let me start this out with saying “I am a geek and proud of it” I also own an iphone which I love as well, and having both an iphone and the Samsung Galaxy Tab fits all of my needs for both personal and business use.

Back in the fall of 2010 I had purchased a Cruz Reader so that I could have an ebook reader, than I found out how useful having an actual tablet was for other things and went searching for a tablet that I could use both personally and professionally. The problem with the cruz reader is that it wasn’t fast enough for my professional needs, and the market had hardly any apps so I basically just used it for an ebook reader, which is honestly why I first bought it. Then I started thinking how much easier it would be for business meetings to have a tablet rather than taking my huge workstation laptop with me when I met with clients. So I started doing some research.

After spending several months going from store to store comparing the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tablet I decided I wanted the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I love the Android platform and all the great apps that you can find in the Android Market. My smartphone before was a Droid and I loved using that but like I stated above I am a geek so I love getting my hands on all the newest technology available when I can.

Being a small business owner I am always looking for easier ways to organize my time and my clients work schedules. I was excited to find in the market a great app called Xpert-Timer which once I set up my clients work for the week I can just click on a button and it helps me keep track of time, instead of the old way of keeping time by writing it down. At the end of the week it gives me a report of the hours work and the total of the cost to invoice a client, plus it gives me the option to email the time sheet to clients if they wish.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tablet is smaller than a laptop yet larger than my iphone so I can still go to meetings and show websites, presentations, and more to my clients without having to worry about taking up a lot of table space when we meet at restaurants. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet also has a front and backside camera for easy video and picture taking. For myself using this feature is going to be awesome when I go on live broadcasting shoots. I can do short videos on the tablet without having to set up all of my video equipment and see myself using the front camera so I am not wondering if I am in the shot or not.

I highly recommend purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Tablet whether for personal or business use it will come in handy and trust me you will have so much fun working that you may not even realize that you are working, and we all could use a little bit of that. Besides I can still use the Samsung Galaxy Tablet for all of my ebooks as well…so now I have it all in one place.

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy Tablet? Let me know what you think about it in the comments section.

~Rebbekah White

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