If you become great at telesales, you’ll have a potentially very lucrative career ahead of you. The ability to generate sales on the telephone is a difficult skill to acquire, but very valuable to many employers once you’ve developed it.

Here are a few quick tips to improving your output.

=> The Most Crucial Five Seconds

The first five seconds of the phone call are by far the most crucial of the call. In these five seconds, the person on the other end will decide:

* Do I like this person?
* Can this person help me?
* Is he or she looking out for my best interests?
* Am I interested?
* Etc.

Within five seconds, you need to convey that you’re positive, you believe in your product and that you can help them solve a problem in their life. They should feel slightly better simply as a result of talking to you.

This is your “hook.” Practice it, refine it, get feedback on it and perfect it.

=> Rehearse without Sounding Rehearsed

It’s crucial that you practice and rehearse when it comes to telesales. Almost every trainer in telesales agrees that using a script increases conversions; though most people prefer to just “wing it.”

In order to succeed, it’s crucial that you have a practiced pitch that works. It’s also equally important that you don’t come off sounding rehearsed, which turns people off immediately.

How do you sound? Do you sound competent, helpful, excited, confident about your product, relaxed and natural? Or do you sound afraid, stiff, rehearsed and not confident about your product?

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Practice. Get it right. Get feedback from the people around you, including your peers and supervisors.

=> How You Hold Your Body Matters

Does it matter if you’re smiling when you pick up the phone? After all, the person on the other end can’t see you.

The experience of many telesales experts all over the world, as well as results from scientific experiments, show that it really makes a huge difference.

Changing your body as you’re making your calls can make a really big difference on how your voice sounds and the impression you make.

Any time you pick up the phone, have your back straight and chest out so you sound confident. Smile to convey excitement or just happiness in life, so people enjoy talking to you.

These are a few tips for getting better at telesales quickly. Becoming a top seller by phone doesn’t happen overnight. The best sales people aren’t born; they got there by hard work and practice. It’s because they’re willing to do what so many people aren’t willing to do that they get the big paychecks. Are you willing to do what it takes?