Many people have the dream of getting their name and their work in print. It can be hard to get on the list at a publishing house, but you can self-publish. It’s easy with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

Now, publishing your eBooks has never been easier. With the invention of the Amazon Kindle, gaining access to published material is at your fingertips. Before, you could create an eBook and publish it on Amazon but you still had to create and ship the book.

With the format of the Amazon Kindle, self-publishing doesn’t require as much legwork as before. Just when you thought you couldn’t, now you can.

You can begin today. Your eBook will be made available for viewing on iPads, iPhones and Android devices with Kindle apps, your PC and your Blackberry phones. It can also be viewed in English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

How to Begin

First, you need to write the book. This is the same first step that you would perform if you were actually selling an eBook on your site. Use your same attention to detail for uploading the book to Kindle. Create compelling cover art, pay attention to formatting and include images to enhance your book.

Create an Amazon account if you don’t already have one. It’s free to do and only takes minutes. Visit the Digital Text Platform site. Then, download the Amazon Digital Text Platform guide. This will provide all the information you need to be sure that your book fulfills all of the requirements for publication.

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This site will take you through each step of the process that will ultimately result in your book being published on Kindle.

*Step one is entering your product details. This includes the title and a thorough and compelling description of your book. Include keywords in the description. If you want to include any images, this would be the place to do it. Don’t forget about your cover art. It will attract many readers. (Need someone to create your book cover, no sweat check out what I offer here)

*Second step is to confirm who has the rights to the book. If you are the creator of the content then you are okay. If not, you will not get past this step.

*Step three involves uploading your book. HTML format works best but you can also use Word documents. Once you have uploaded your file, meticulously check the formatting to be sure that the book will appear as you envisioned it would. Make any changes that you need to before you give the final okay.

Last but not least is to set a price. This can be the tricky part. If you are neither a previous published author with a following nor have an internet business with a lot of interesting readers and customers, you might want to set the price low to begin. You can up the price offering on subsequent eBooks if you want to.

See how simple that was? Now you give it a try. Showcase your eBook on Amazon Kindle and get noticed.

Don’t have time to get your book up on Kindle? Or do you need someone to create the ebook cover for you? Contact Rebbekah White today!

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