Podcasts are all the rage today. It is like creating your own radio show online. But, what do you need to get started with your first one?

Podcast stands for “portable on demand broadcast.” Basically it is like having your own radio or video show online, except that it is much easier to set up a podcast than it is to set up a radio station, although with the new technology out there today you can start your own online radio station. And, you can get online with your podcast in no time at all.

Why create a podcast? If you have something to say, you want the world to hear it. The one way to do that is to create your own voice outlet. That is what you are going to be doing with a podcast. So, let’s get started.

What will you need?

You don’t need that much equipment to get going. If you are reading this on a website, then you have a computer and internet access. Add to that a microphone, a headset and software that allow you to create and edit audio and/or video creations. You will also need a webcam if you are making a video podcast.

Internet access is needed of course to upload your podcast. If you have a website, that is the most likely place that you will be uploading it to. But, there are also other sites where you can showcase your podcast should you choose, which applies even if you don’t have a website of your own.

Most laptops have internal microphones but they are not as useful as you think when creating a podcast. For one thing, they can pick up background noise which can reduce the quality of your recording. Buy a separate microphone that will cut down on outside noise.

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Use a headset. You can hear how your voice sounds and check to be sure that the audio is at a certain level for easy listening by your podcast fans.

Don’t forget the webcam. Many laptops come equipped with webcams. You can use this one but it doesn’t offer as much mobility as a separate one will. You can move around, especially if you are performing some type of demonstration in your video podcast.

Software helps you to create and edit your podcast. If you want people to be able to listen to your podcast on their iPods, iPads and other electronic devices, then it needs to be uploaded in the standard mp3 format. You might need an mp3 converter to do this. Purchasing a podcasting program can eliminate some of the extra software you might otherwise have to purchase and make it easier to produce your final product.

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