As a service provider to other businesses, you know all too well that in order to succeed you must set yourself apart from your competitors. One of the secrets to good business is to provide your customers with valuable information. A great way to do this is with quality, informative content in your marketing materials, including your website.

Potential customers come to your website looking for not only information about your services and rates, but also about you and the way you conduct business. Many service providers simply provide a service, perform the service and then receive payment. By providing your clients with bonus information, you set yourself apart from your competitors. When you give your clients more information than they are used to seeing, you also open the door for them to pass the word on about your business, which can lead to more money in your pocket.

You may be wondering, other than your services, just exactly what you can offer your clients in the form of content. Here are just a few examples to get the wheels turning. Dare to be brave and think of other unique ideas as well.

  • Create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on your website.

Use questions you have received in the past from your clients to compile this list or even use commonly asked questions that others in your line of business receive.

  • Start a Newsletter or Email List

Create a monthly or weekly newsletter for your clients. You can utilize articles to give them information about their business market, things they might be interested to know that pertain to the services you offer, etc. You can also use the list to inform them of new services you add, special “list only” offers, and reviews of products they can use in their business.

  • Compile a Freebie Just for Them
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Create an eBook or special report that you can give away as a free gift whenever someone signs up for you list or hires you to complete a project.


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