Working from home with a new baby on the way? How do you cope with having a new child come along? What will it be like? How can you make sure that your child gets all the attention he or she needs, while simultaneously growing a successful business?

Here are a few choice tips to help you on your way.

=> Recruit Help

Most importantly, make sure those around you know how important it is to you that you’re still able to continue building your business while providing a first-rate childhood for your baby.

Your first line of support is likely your husband or partner. Talk to him and schedule in time for him to take care of the baby, during which you can work without distractions.

At times, you may have to recruit help from other family members or friends. Don’t be afraid to ask.

=> Give It a Couple Months

You won’t know what to expect at the beginning. It takes a while to get used to waking up in the middle of the night to change diapers, or waking up feeling exhausted because you didn’t get enough sleep.

You won’t know what your child’s habits are like, nor what your personal schedule can look like for at least a few months.

The most important thing you can do is to just give yourself permission to be a little messy with your schedule and not make as much progress as you’d like in your business for a while.

It’s unrealistic to try to raise a new child and aggressively build a business at the same time. Make your child the number one priority and slowly figure out a schedule and system that allows you to build your business at the same time. Figuring out this schedule could take a couple months.

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=> Plan to Be Interrupted

The level of interruptions in your life is going to go up dramatically. How can you prepare for this?

For one, outsource as much as you can. The less you need to personally do, the better.

Any task that needs to be done by a certain date, aim to have that task done 48 hours in advance. Why? Because you never know what could happen at any given moment. Some sort of emergency could come up that will distract you from your business for a day, perhaps even two.

Instead of falling behind on commitments, aim to be ahead. That way, if an interruption does happen, it won’t hinder your business.

These are a few things that any mompreneur can do to help ease the transition of a new baby into the household. Getting help, giving yourself room to adjust and learning to work with interruptions will all make things a lot easier for you.