While this infographic is showing you trends for the mobile phone market for 2011, I felt it was a great way to show clients and blog readers just how much mobile phones will be making a HUGE difference in our marketing world over the upcoming months.

So many small businesses still do not quite grasp just how important having a mobile website, and using mobile marketing is going to become in the upcoming years. They do not realize that most people do quick searches right from their smart phones while they are out and about. It has been said that in the next couple years mobile websites, and smart phones will actually surpass desktop computers! So where does that leave your business? Are you in the top businesses that grab a hold of new technology and run with it? OR are you one of those businesses who say “let me wait and see where this trend is going?” if you are that business, watch out! Your competition will over run you, and FAST! Don’t be left behind….

So enough talking, take a look at this infographic showing the trends from last year…and start thinking ahead for your business! Do you have a mobile website? Do you have a social media presence for your customers to check in, post likes, and basically refer their friends to your business? Keep in mind the more people that can get your information easily from their phones, the better your business will grow!

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