The best way to sell anything by email is to create a compelling email marketing campaign. A campaign is a series of emails going out to your list and lists of your partners promoting a product. Here’s how to craft a successful email marketing campaign in just a few easy steps.

=> Step 1: Identify and Recruit Partners

You can launch a campaign on your own, to just your own list. Or, you can launch your campaign through your own list and the lists of your partners.

Identify who you plan on working with and reach out to them. A campaign planned just for your list will look very different than a campaign built for other people’s lists, as you generally have a limit on the number of emails you can send to someone else’s lists.

=> Step 2: Build a Timeline Based on How Many Emails You Can Send

If you’re building a campaign for your own list, you might send out 2-3 emails on a minor email campaign and up to 10 emails on a major campaign.

If you’re building campaigns for someone else’s list, you’ll want to limit your campaigns to 2-4 emails, no matter how big the campaign is.

In the next step, we’ll go over all the most important phases of an email campaign. For your own internal lists, you’ll likely go through these stages much more slowly, possibly even one email per stage.

For other people’s lists, you’ll condense the process a lot, fitting several steps into a single email.

=> Step 3: Walk Them Through the Emotional Buying Process

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Here are the emotions you want to walk customers through in a successful email campaign:

* Supply proof and credibility. If people have never heard of you, or if they don’t know you enough to trust you, the first and most important step is building up your credibility. People need to know who you are and why they should listen.

* Hint at why this new product or service is so amazing. Give them “the hook,” the most amazing selling point up-front.

* Sell the problem. Once they’re hooked and want to learn more, dive into the main problem that your product or service will solve. Really bring out the pain of the problem and make it seem like nothing else on the market really addresses the issue.

* Introduce the solution. Again, emphasize why the solution is so amazing. Remember that the sell is both emotional and logical. It should make sense logically why the solution works, but you can also be getting them emotionally excited by painting them a beautiful picture of their potential future if they used your product.

* Keep building up excitement. “The more you tell, the more you sell.”

* Close. Give them a reason why they should buy now rather than later. That can be a time-sensitive discount, or a limit on orders or really any reason you want, but make the close powerful and urgent.

If you follow these steps for launching your email marketing campaign, you’ll be able to get people excited and ready to buy your product. This formula works for your own list as well as when you’re working with partners.

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