If you’re starting a new venture and need sales fast, then use one of the following techniques to give your business a jump start.

=> PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is perhaps the most direct possible method for jump-starting your sales. Start with your most targeted keywords. These should include your product name and the most direct keywords someone in your market might type in.

For example, if you’re selling a pair of V-Mod Bose headphones, you might bid on keywords like:

* V-Mod Bose
* Bose headphones
* Best Bose headphones
* Best bass headphones (what V-mod is known for)

Start with a low daily limit and work your way up.

=> Direct Advertising with Related Websites

If there are a few websites in your industry that are very closely related to your site, try directly advertising with them. Contact their site owners and ask them for their advertising rates. You could even try asking them if they’d be interested in testing out a revenue split.

This type of deal can often bring you a ton of targeted traffic quickly. Depending on the site, the traffic could convert even better than PPC traffic because people already trust the site they’re coming from.

=> Content Network to Direct

An extension on the above technique is to find direct advertisers using the Google content network.

Bid on a wide net of sites and keywords. Let your ads run on a multitude of sites and track where your conversions come from. If you lose money on this test, that is O.K.

Once you know where your conversions come from, contact those sites directly and arrange for a direct advertising deal. You’ll often be able to cut your costs by as much as 20%-40%, since Google takes an estimated 50% cut from AdSense bids.

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This is a great way of finding advertising spots that you would never find just by browsing the net on your own.

=> Get On an Affiliate Network

Affiliate networks like Azoogle, Neverblue, Affiliate.com and Commission Junction are all great places to get affiliates.

Getting into most of these networks is quite difficult. For a network like Azoogle or Neverblue, you’ll usually have to put down at least $10,000 as a deposit, often more.

That said, however, if you want to really jump-start your sales, getting on the radar of super affiliates is the way to do it. These are the affiliates that can drive literally tens of thousands of dollars in business to your site every day.

The key to working with affiliate networks is making sure you can handle the traffic and making sure that your back end works out profitably. Often times you’ll have to pay out more than you actually make – for a $30 profit product, you might have to pay out $40. You need to know that you’ll make money before taking on that kind of deal.

These are a few powerful ways of jump-starting your sales quickly. The first three techniques work great if you have limited capital and are just getting started. The fourth technique can send a fire hose of traffic your way if you have the bandwidth and capacity to handle it.