Now that you have created a podcast, what do you do with it? You have something to say and you want others to listen. Here are some ways to promote your podcast in the online and offline communities.

There is one rule when promoting your podcast: use all resources available to you. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting the word out about what could become a new enterprise for you.

Online Promotion

  • Submit your podcast to podcast directories – Just like article directories; you want your creation to get noticed. When people are looking for podcasts, they often use these directories. If you are listed there, then others can find you.
  • Send it to search engines – You won’t actually be sending your podcast but the URL that links to it. In order for it to be ranked and high, use keywords that are pertinent to the subject of the podcast in your URL. Don’t forget search engines that specialize in podcast sites.
  • Join podcasting forums – Connect with other podcasters out there and share some of your strategies while learning some of theirs. On forums, you can use your signature line to link to the site where you are showcasing your podcasts.
  • Upload to iTunes – Want your friends to find you? Upload your podcast to iTunes for easy discovery by your friends and others.
  • Social networking – When you post a new podcast, chat about it on Facebook and Twitter. Let everyone know that there are new audio files or videos to watch on your site.
  • Add an RSS feed icon – Those who subscribe to feeds will recognize it and subscribe to your feed. Now, if they like your talk or videos they can subscribe and always be up to date when you post something new.
  • Exchange links – Know any bloggers? You can guest blog for them in exchange for being able to add your URL to their site. Also work with fellow podcasters and agree to link exchanges. All visitors to their site can have access to your links.
  • Create press releases – When you have an interesting guest or a newsworthy topic to share, create a press release. Upload it to press release sites to gain exposure on the Web. Be sure to use relevant keywords throughout the text.
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Offline Promotion

  • Press releases – This is not just for online promotion. Post one in the local newspaper or trade papers, or even at the local radio stations relating to your subject matter. Be sure to include the URL to find your podcasts.
  • Business cards – Always keeps business cards on hand to give out to potential customers. Include links to your website where your podcasts can be found.
  • Live interviews – Interview people at local events in town. Edit and upload your video or audio podcasts right away to get out the news story online with a different angle than the news stations.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started in promoting your podcast.

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