The holidays are over. Now what? Now is the perfect time to generate profits. There are an abundance of opportunities right now to give your business and after-holiday boost. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Fire Sale

You’ve no doubt seen ads for fire sales on television. Essentially a fire sale is an “Everything Must Go” kind of sale. Often the products are at a significantly reduced price. Now you don’t have to have a fire to put everything on sale.

Instead, you can call it a New Year’s Sale. Of course this only works if you sell products. However, it is a great way to generate profits and excitement for your business.

New Product/Service Launch

The New Year is also an ideal time to launch a new product or service. Ideally, if you can tie the launch into the New Year and New Year’s Resolutions then you have the potential for huge profits. Consider how your products or services can help people change their life in the upcoming year.

If you don’t have a new product or service to launch you can repurpose an existing product or service. For example, if you are a ghostwriter you might offer a New Year’s writing package. Simply repackage your products or services to attract attention and business.

Free Downloads

Instead of selling products or services, consider creating a few highly valuable downloads and giving them away. You can repackage, repurpose, or re-bundle existing downloads. You can also create simple downloads quickly that offer a huge value.

For example, checklists, blueprints, and templates are all exceptionally valuable. Your prospects can download them and use them repeatedly. Make sure to market your free downloads to drive traffic. For extra cash, include a few affiliate links in the content. ***(Be sure to check out Advantage Marketing For You’s Newsletter. I am giving away 3 great ebooks on WordPress security, 10 Top SEO plug ins and The Best Plug In’s to Use in Your Business. Click here to sign up)

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Website Redesign

Use the New Year to redesign your site or blog. Generate attention for the redesign by asking for feedback. Use your social networking and email marketing efforts to build awareness.

If you haven’t been to Advantage Marketing in awhile you may have noticed that I redid the entire site. It is still a work in progress as I add new videos, free tools for you to use and more. If you are in need of a fresh start with your website be sure to check out my WordPress Customization page for more information. Start the New Year out right with a fresh, up to date, website!


Celebrate the New Year and hold a contest, sweepstakes, or drawing. You can also use the event to gather information about your audience and what they want for the New Year. For example, you can ask people to fill out a questionnaire. Their filled out questionnaire is their sweepstakes entry.


Finally, partnerships are a great way to boost your business in the New Year. In fact, a few lucrative partnerships can completely change your business. You can partner with someone to create a new product or service, or to expand your offerings. For example, if you’re a writer you might partner with an SEO expert to provide a content, consulting, and research package.

Take a look at your most popular efforts last year and consider if they can be repeated this year with a New Year’s theme. Look for ways to solve problems and improve the lives of your prospects and customers; that’s the best way to give your business a boost in the New Year.

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