I have been doing podcasting for almost 7 years  with Heal Yourself Talk Radio , The Mo and Bek Show and now WRSP936.com, and have used many different platforms for all the different radio shows: Talk Shoe, Blog Talk Radio, Audio Acrobat, SAM Broadcaster, etc etc. There are many different ways to create a podcast or radio show, what you choose all depends on your budget, how much time you have to devote to your radio show, and how you want to be perceived to your listeners.

Podcasting is a convenient way for you to distribute audio or video files over the internet. Usually these audio or video files are published on a regular basis; for example weekly or monthly. They’re often used as a feature on a blog or website, and cover topics that are timely and relevant to your readers.

Whether you’re interested in having a podcast to connect with blog readers or as a way for your business to connect with your customers, periodic audio or video posts can be a powerful tool. WordPress, which continues to be the most popular software platform for people to publish their blogs, makes it very easy to publish your own podcast.

There are other ways to link to your podcasts as well and use players. I will talk a little more about them at the end of this post. The below information is for those who want to do a podcast and do not want to use another platform, then your WordPress website will help you do everything you need it to do to get your podcast out there to the world. Now you do have to remember you have to still promote your show, but by using WordPress there are a ton of plug in’s that will help you run your radio show pretty much for free.

Step One – Create

The first step is to create the actual audio or video file that you want to publish. There are different file formats that you can use, but it’s probably best to stick with the de facto standards of MP3 for audio podcasts and MP4 for video podcasts.

If you don’t already have a software package to help you create your MP3 files, try the free and open-source program Audacity. Many people use their smartphones or cameras to create their video podcasts. There’s no limit to how fancy or sophisticated you can get. Remember, though, that most of your website visitors will ultimately value substance over form.

Step Two – Upload

Next, upload your audio or video files to your server. The easiest way to do this (provided that the file size is under 7MB) is to use the “Upload New Media” feature from your WordPress dashboard. If the file is larger than 7MB, then you’ll need use an ftp client to upload the file; the free and widely-used FileZilla is a great program for this. (You may need to contact your website administrator or hosting company to get the ftp settings for your website to be able to do these uploads.)

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Step Three – Link

The next step is to link to your audio or video files somewhere in your blog. WordPress makes this very easy; simply include the full path to your file inside an html anchor tag, similar to the following:

Newest podcast

WordPress will automatically include a link to that file in your blog’s RSS or Atom feed. Your readers can now receive your podcasts by simply subscribing to your feed.

WordPress can even create a dedicated feed for your audio or video Podcasts. These are separate from your standard blog post feed. To create a dedicated podcast feed, first create a new category for your series of Podcasts, and give it an appropriate name. Assign this new category to every new podcast within the series. You now have a new RSS feed available at the following address:


If you want more options for managing and publicizing your Podcasts, visit the WordPress website and search for Podcasting plug-ins. There are a number of different options available, and it should be relatively easy to find one the suits your needs.

When you have Podcasts on your WordPress blog, you give your readers an extra way to stay connected with you, and this will only make your blog stronger and more valuable.

If this seems to daunting of a task for you, as mentioned above there are other ways to do your podcast/radio show and be able to actually insert HTML coding for a player or download link to use on your site.

Below are the list of programs you can use to upload and do your show and still be able to very easily insert into your wordpress run site:

1. Audio Acrobat: When I first started out online I used Audio Acrobat. With your account you will have a phone number that you can use to call in and do your show, and you can also use a conference line to do talk radio. You won’t be able to use Audio Acrobat if you are planning on doing a music radio show as there is no way to upload your songs, however if you have a program that allows you to do shows like this (for instance SAM) you can do a show and then record and upload your show to Audio Acrobat and then place their player on your website. Prices start at $19.95 a month. I still use this service today to save and upload all radio shows I do and use their player on my websites. It’s easy and less painful than other methods. You can also sign up with their affiliate program and share what you use to your listeners or visitors to your site, I have done this and many times, my affiliate income pays for my monthly dues.

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2. Talk Shoe: I used Talk Shoe about 6 years ago when I was looking for an easy to use platform once I decided that I liked the interaction of having a chat room and call in listeners, which can not be done with Audio Acrobat. Talk Shoe is free and is a service that allows you to easily create podcasts/radio shows. Also features a chat room and a call in line for your listeners to join in on your show.

3. Blog Talk Radio: Another platform that you can use for your live show. It supports a chat room, a call in number for your listeners, and a place to upload files such as music, promos for your show and more. They do offer premium services that will help you if you are serious about expanding your radio show to the masses.

4. SAM Broadcaster: this platform is for the serious broadcaster who wants to have complete control over their podcast/radio show. You purchase their software and install it on your computer and set it up to stream as many hours as you want. It takes a little bit of time to learn this software, but if you are ready to move forward and start your own radio station or just have complete control over your radio show or podcast this is a great place to get started. It doesn’t cost a fortune, and you can get listed on either Audio Realm or ShoutCast. Check out this platform if you are serious about your radio show or would like to create your own radio station network.

Contact Rebbekah today for a consultation on how to best set up your wordpress site or start podcasting today:

Are you not sure what service you need to use? Or are interested in learning more about podcasting and using wordpress to promote your radio show, feel free to contact me, and we can set up a time for a consultation. I work with every budget, so don’t let money get into your way. When we talk we will plan a form of action that best suits your marketing needs as well as your budget.~Rebbekah White