Stay-at-home parents often have a lot of free time that comes in random spurts, when kids are either asleep, at school or watching TV. How can you utilize this free time to create a source of income? Here are a few ideas.

=> Sell Stuff on eBay!

Drive around your neighborhood and look for goods, trinkets and other things you can sell from garage sales, second-hand stores and pawn shops. You can often find things that would sell for more money online than they do offline. Put them on eBay for a quick profit.

You can also get a lot of things for free off Craigslist. If you live in a major city, you can make decent money just picking up free things and listing them on eBay.

If you want to take it a step further, pick something you’re passionate about and create a real eBay business around it. Find wholesalers and manufacturers who produce items you want to sell and establish a relationship with them, then start selling products in bulk.

=> Babysitting Other Kids

If you’re at home watching your kids anyway, there’s nothing to keep you from watching a few others kids at the same time. Many stay-at-home parents have been about to create a successful second income just by watching other people’s kids along with their own.

In general, you should charge less than a babysitter would, since parents have to go through the trouble of dropping them off at your home. Charge enough that you feel like it’s worth it, but not so much that parents would go to other options like a day care center instead.

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Your clients will generally be friends, friends of friends and other personal acquaintances.

=> Starting a Hobby Website

Is there a hobby that you love? Whether it’s fishing or poker, knitting or swimming, solar panels or dancing, you can build a business out of it.

Try to create the best website about whatever topic you love. Let’s take swimming, for example.

If your passion is swimming, why not create a website that gives people tips on swim training, swimming in different kinds of waters, diets for swimming, breathing techniques, etc.?

At first, it’ll take some time for your site to build a reputation. Once the reputation has been built, however, more and more people will come to your site of their own accord.

You can then make money by selling products on commission, or by putting ads up using Google AdWords.

These are a few ideas for businesses that any stay-at-home parent can start. Remember that any business you start requires some commitment and may not really be successful for the first six months. That said, if you really put in the energy, the feeling you’ll get when your business does succeed will be absolutely amazing.