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Many of those that I network with may not even realize that I also work as a virtual assistant, over the years I have learned a few things that not only help me in finding my own ideal client, but what tools and checklists small business owners should look for when looking to outsource to a contractor or virtual assistant.

There are a lot of moving pieces to hiring a great contractor. This checklist will help you keep track of all the most important steps in the hiring process. Keep it handy the next time you are looking for help, right from the moment you start searching.

Feel free to print this page out and use it as a handy reference.

Searching for People

[ ] Determine if you want to outsource online or hire in person.searching for a virtual assistant
[ ] Determine how much you want to pay.
[ ] Figure out what level of skill set you want to hire. Do you want to hire the cheapest talent possible? Or the best person on the planet? Different kinds of talent spend time on different kinds of websites.
[ ] Find out the best sites to reach your target talent. For the highest quality talent, look on forums or message boards. For example, go to a PHP discussion board to hire a top notch PHP programmer. Ask other people who they use for their outsourcing.

Hiring the Right Person

[ ] Did they respond within 24 hours?hiring the right VA
[ ] Did they read your entire ad?
[ ] Do they stand out?
[ ] Do they have the necessary experience?
[ ] Did they provide samples of past work?
[ ] Is their timeline within the time frame of what you’re looking for?

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[ ] Can you buy in bulk?Negotiating
[ ] Try asking for a discount – Often time’s they’ll say yes.
[ ] Ask for a faster timeline if necessary.
[ ] Make sure to let them know there’s future work if they do a good job.



[ ] Document your training, so you don’t have to do it again and again.Training your new VA
[ ] Check your assumptions. Don’t assume your contractors know anything about how you want things to be done.
[ ] Give them step by step directions on how you want your project done.
[ ] Let them know what you don’t want.


Working Together

[ ] Always get back to your contractors within 24 hours to keep the line of communication strong.VAs and working together
[ ] Let them know about future projects as early as possible so they can put your project in their schedule. This point is very important on both sides. Your time is very valuable as is the contractor or VA that you hire. Always give your VA/contractor plenty of time to complete a project without it interfering with their other clients.
[ ] Let them know when they did a good job. If your contractors enjoy working with you, they’ll put more effort into doing a good job.
[ ] Give constructive feedback. If something isn’t done just right, let them know, while also telling them the things you liked.
[ ] Sign a non-disclosure agreement and a non-compete agreement if necessary.
[ ] Sign an assignment of intellectual property document if necessary.
[ ] Talk to your contractors about copyright. Can they use open source code or Creative Commons images in their work? Be clear about what they can and can’t use when they’re working with you.

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[ ] Pay on time. Nothing corrodes a contractor relationship like being late on payments.Paying your VA
[ ] Pay frequently. An employer who pays once a week will get better treatment than an employer who pays once a month.
[ ] Pay by PayPal if possible. It’s the most convenient and most widely used method of transferring money online.


Use this checklist to find great contractors and keep your contractor relationships running smoothly.


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