Google Cloud Print allows you to print any email from anywhere, with one click from an Android or iPhone device. It’s a revolutionary service that makes printing easier for professionals on the go. How does it work and could you benefit from it? Let’s dive in a bit further.

=> How Google Cloud Print Works

To get started, you need either an Android device or an iOS device. You also need a Windows PC computer connected to a printer. Linux and Mac aren’t currently supported, but will be supported in the near future, according to Google.

Download and install Google Chrome, Google’s proprietary browser. Connect your Google Chrome browser to your printer in Chrome.

Once that’s set up, you can now print from any portable or even non-portable device by clicking “Print” in any email. Note that you need to be using Gmail for this to work.

Once you’re set up, do a test print from your Android or iPhone device to make sure the connection is working properly.

=> Who Benefits Most from Google Cloud Print?

Naturally, Google Cloud Print is most beneficial to people who are on the go often, and who also often need things in paper form. This could include people such as lawyers, executives, secretaries and really just about anyone who often gets work-related emails that need to be printed.

Since so many people read their emails on the go today rather than when they’re sitting at their desk, it really doesn’t make sense to force people to wait until they’re at a computer to print everything out.

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You should be able to read, delete, archive and even print all your email from a mobile device on the go. Google Cloud Print allows you to do this.

=> Google Cloud Print for a Business Address

One further use for Google Cloud Print would be to attach it to your office’s printer rather than your own printer. That way, anyone who needs to print on the go can use your office printer to print things out.

Create one email address that’s shared among employees. That email address is connected to Google Cloud Print and any employee can forward emails to that email address, log in and print documents from any mobile device anywhere.

In other words, you can effectively wire a printer in such a way that anyone working for you can print any document anyone needs, no matter where they are.

Google Cloud Print may be a truly revolutionary technology for offices all around the world. Would your office benefit from using Google Cloud Print? The only real way to find out is to give it a try. Since it’s included in Google Chrome, it’s quite easy to install. Getting started only takes five to ten minutes. Why not give it a shot?