written by:  Anna Maria Prezio, Ph.D.

Optimize your website, increase traffic and retain your viewers through traditional feng shui methods.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese natural science of placement. It is a mathematical system that creates the most favorable direction for your environment. When the appropriate system of feng shui is in place at the right time and in the right environment, it can bring about a harmonious life of improved health, wealth and increase your website traffic.

While creating the design for my bestseller launch, I discovered that using feng shui principles when creating websites has added value and created appeal. My viewers stayed longer and were more attentive to my products.

I wish I had invented Feng Shui but the design principles have been around for 6,000 years. It’s used all over the world. When implemented correctly, it can produce the results that you desire. I’m at the forefront of design with feng shui.

The most important ingredient in formulating a balanced and harmonic website is the proper use of chi, the life force energy around us. If chi energy flows in a positive direction it will activate strong attraction instead of stagnation.

Feng shui internet web design involves creating web pages that align with you, your essence and your energy. When a potential customer lands on your page, their experience is heightened and navigating through your site becomes a productive and positive flow of chi experience thereby giving you a positive outcome.

Feng Shui Colors

The power of color to enhance different parts of your environment is the same feng shui theory used to bring about pages that are appealing and inviting. Yang pages are ones that are well lit, bright, clean and evenly distributed. Yin pages are dark, murky, bad color combining and not apt to bring about good results.

Colors are used as elements on a page. That is, each color mirrors an element. How you use colors depends on the individual’s website and is based on your birth data. This aligns the page with the concept of the individual or the company’s website. Some colors are good for one entity while others are not. Enhancing a website means enhancing the mission, purpose and direction of the company, individual and the company represented.

Colors represent elements. Yang (light) colors or bold colors are stimulating and will stimulate the flow of chi energy. White and blue, representing water are colors used in water related sites and if the website owner must be in harmony with the use of that particular color. Why? It is reflective of their personal palate of chi energy. If the individual has too much of this element in their personal birth chart, it could work against them. This is why it’s important to understand how colors can be used. A good rule of thumb is to find out what is your particular color and element that favors you. A good feng shui consultant can tell you or you can download my free eBook, Power and Prosperity through Feng Shui and Color. It will give you your element, color and direction. Once you are aware of what that is, you can proceed to create a website and pages that reflect your personality. This is an advantage to your business and you will gain greater exposure and better results.

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Graphics should be clear, well-defined and placed in the correct positioning based on your best feng shui location. Once again, this has to do with direction. Your direction is unique to you. Knowing how to place your graphics and where to place them on your pages is also a positive advantage. There is a grid also called a Lo Shu used in feng shui that measures the correct direction based on 9 locations on a grid. Also called the Magic Square with 9 palaces whose numbers add up to 15 in every direction is based on Flying Star Feng Shui. It is the basis for understanding the energies in any one of the directions of the compass. Again, it takes an experienced feng shui practitioner to decipher the formula. Knowing your directional flow is paramount to a good website.

Page Flow

How the page moves and flows is an important aspect of good web pages. Movement is creating flow and good flow is breaking up long lines and filtering out stagnant areas by adding interest in these areas.

Photos, graphics, focal interest relating to you and your site will break up the monotony of straight lines.

Animated repetitive GIF’s creates a negative imprint on the viewer. Avoid these as fillers. Some are so stark that it makes the viewer want to leave your site immediately.

The natural affects of time lapse for growing plants, flowers, etc. are not annoying. In fact, they add interest. This allows for positive flow in areas that need a chi lift or fill up the angular corners of a page.

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If your website is one for meditation, spirituality of metaphysics, you will want more stillness and focal points for the viewer to focus upon.


Simplicity is best, not gimmicks or flashing this and that. Calm your readers and they’ll stay longer.

Make it easy on the user to travel on your site. Back buttons are awkward and create a negative loop feeling. Make the usage downstream instead of upstream. Flow is important to keep the interest of your visitors.


We can’t avoid all the straight lines on the internet but we can create better flow of chi in and around your pages.

Keep the user interested. Stay away from angles and corners as much as possible. Break it up with curves, interesting focal points and elements that can dissipate the negative stagnant collection.

YOUR WEBSITE is your signature. Make sure it’s as inviting as a great entrance to your house. Give the viewer a pleasure sensation and they’ll stay longer.

The first thing they look at will dictate whether or not they will continue to browse your site.

Do research on the web master, service provider, web designer and others who you will work with to get maximum services. This will help you start on the right footing.

Balance is key to a great web page. Too much of one thing is not such a great way to fill up your screen. When in doubt, leave it out.

Be frugal with you links. Too much of one thing is just that, too much. Promote only a few. Clutter is the worse offender on a site as in your home. It stagnates chi energy from good flow.

Keep music at a low key, soothing and not harsh. Ambient flow of music, if applied correctly, can bring about positive chi and more business.

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To your Success!

Anna Maria Prezio, Ph.D.

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