Being an eBay power seller is very different than just selling a few knick-knacks here and there. It requires a different kind of thinking, different kind of business structure and different kind of habits. How do you become a power seller? How do you make your auctions sell and how do you run your business effectively? Read on.

=> Effective Auctions – Tips on Images, Headlines and More

Don’t use words like L@@K or “ABSOLUTELY AMAZING PRODUCT” in your headline or subtitle. Instead, use keyword-rich headlines that tell the user exactly what your product is, with one or two adjectives if you must.

The reality is, users will look through almost every auction for the best deal or the best seller. There’s no need to scream at them with all caps. Instead, convey an air of professionalism – after all, you’re a professional now.

Your images need to be crystal clear. If you can, take original pictures of your products rather than using the same pictures as everyone else.

Remember to do your competitive research. Know exactly who is selling similar products and how much they’re selling those products for. Find out how they’re marketing their website, including what their headlines are and how their descriptions look.

=> Step Up Your Business Operations

Being a power seller is completely different than selling a few items in your spare time. When you’re not a serious business, you can afford to do things in a haphazard manner. But power sellers don’t have that luxury.

First of all, your business needs to be more systemic. You’ll be listing many, many items, often at regular intervals. Make sure you have all your steps written down so someone else can eventually take over. Test out different kinds of automation services like Auctiva to see if it makes your life easier. Learn to work quickly and get a lot more done.

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The same thing applies to packaging and shipping. If you’re shipping dozens or hundreds of packages a week, you’re going to have to systematize. Learn to use assembly line style systems to get things done quickly.

Learn to outsource. Your time is best spent on the activities in your business that will most likely result in more money being made. Hire someone to do your packaging and shipping for you. Outsource the re-posting of your auctions. That said, you should still carefully monitor everything you’ve outsourced, since it’s still done in your name.

Learning to be a power seller means both learning how to create great auctions as well as learning how to run a real business. To be a power seller, treat your business as a real high volume business. If you’re ready to make the leap from eBay hobbyist to eBay power seller, then make a commitment to yourself today to really take your business to the next level.