1. Lack of Training-Unfamiliar with the online world, who to market to, and what products are hot to sell. Which social networking sites work for your promotions and which ones are just wasting your time.

2. Having No Marketing Budget-Potential buyers will need to see your ad at least 7 times before they will even click on your link, and up to 14 times before they will purchase a product or service from you. This leads many people to fail as they don’t understand this concept and think that just by putting up a website people will come, not true you need to be continually marketing your business. With The Ultimate Internet Business Guide you are taught how to market your business from day one with article marketing, blogging and more! So you cannot fail when you use the strategies presented.

3. Not having a specific niche to market to. When you start out online you need to know what you are good at! Look at your talents-figure out how your talents could benefit others, by selling anything and everything you are not focused! By knowing what it is that people are searching for, you can offer products and services that will help them. That is how I got started out online, I bought ebooks, books, videos and more to teach myself how to blog, create websites, edit audios, videos and do my own podcasts. Once I was an expert in those fields I started to offer my expertise as services to my clients. This one step increased my monthly income by 50%!

4. Fear of rejection-For many people the fear of rejection is so strong they will fail in their online business before the 6 month of being online. About 90% of online businesses will fail within their first year. When you have proven training at your disposal you do not need to fear rejection.Over time you will gain the confidence and skills you need to become successful online. It all starts with training! With The Ultimate Internet Business Guide you are taken from Step #1 all the way to completion. Building a blog using wordpress, article marketing, how to use Hub pages and over 1400+ articles, ebooks, scripts that you can use in your business as well as sell to your client list.

5. No residual income. In order to keep your income increasing month by month you need to be making residual income.You can create residual income by setting up a membership site using all the products in The Ultimate Internet Business Guide. Charge anywhere from $9.95 a month to $49.95 a month depending on how much you are offering each month, this will increase your residual income!

These disturbing stats can frighten even the most courageous would-be entrepreneur.  The good news for you is that with these step by step videos and books you will be using proven information that has been time tested.  You never have to be afraid of being one of these statistics.  If you follow the steps outlined in this over 5 GB package you can’t fail.

To Your Success!

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