WordPress Customization Examples

HRCRebbekah White, owner of Advantage Marketing For You, strives to make all her clients excited about their wordpress blog customization, and cares about each one of her clients and their projects as if it were her own.

Rebbekah will lead you step by step from purchasing your domain name, to webhosting, to the exact layout you have envisioned for your website all the while listening to YOU the BUSINESS OWNER.

So what are you waiting for? Start reaping the benefits today!

Below are just some examples of websites that were customized by Advantage Marketing For You.

In fact many of Advantage Marketing For You’s website customization clients hire Rebbekah White to upkeep and update their websites monthly in order to stay efficient in their own business. Do you already have a website yet are finding you do not have the time to keep it updated? Need someone to help run your newsletter lists? Run Social media campaigns? Integrate your current website into your Facebook Fan Page? Look no farther! Rebbekah White offers virtual assistance services as well.

Each link below will open up to the client’s website in a new page, so that you can fully see each website and the details of what was done.

Feel free to contact Rebbekah White with any questions, she offers a FREE 15 minute consultation.


Image 2Bekah makes it possible – it’s as simple as that. Before Bekah I had all these ideas about how to grow my business but no way to apply them. I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my Bekah.

Now I just dream it up and sometimes seconds later I can view it on my site. She knows everything about everything, and there’s something she doesn’t know immediately she learns it and can apply it be the next day.

She is the most responsive VA I have ever worked with. Even if she is buried under other work she responds immediately and let’s me know why she cannot do it right now and when she can do it. Then she completes is ahead of her own schedule.

I often ask myself – is this heaven? No – it’s Bekah!

Marni Spencer-Devlin
#1 Bestselling Author & Mentor