Monthly WP Backups and WP Security Services: Waving Set Up FEE!!

Website Backup and Security Service Package SPECIAL NO SET UP FEE (SAVE $97.00).  

So now you have a word press website, but you need to be sure that you are safe from hackers! It can be a long and tedious job if you do not know what you are doing….

What if you need to update a plugin, BUT you didn’t have a complete backup of your wordpress site, and BAM! That plugin broke the theme! What do you do now?!!

Well if you had a current back up of all  your items such as themes, database, plugins, posts, and pages, it would be easy to restore your website to where it was BEFORE you updated the theme or plugin that didn’t work….

OR heaven forbid a hacker gets into your site, you notice 100′s of links on your wordpress site that are spam, or you cannot log into your account because of the hacker. It would be an easy fix if you had a complete back up of all your website files.

Stop worrying about what could happen…..breathe easier knowing that Rebbekah White has a complete backup on her computer and external drives. With this service you could be back up and running withing a matter of minutes! Instead of hours or days…..

$47.00 recurring monthly fee:

  • Weekly or Monthly back-ups of your FB Fan Page or website for a small monthly fee will be automatically charged to your PayPal or Credit Card account. Each main URL/FB Fab Page  is a separate charge.
  • EVERYTHING will be backed up – theme settings, pages, posts, comments, plugins and more!
  • Perfect data backup tool just in case your blogs, fan pages and mobile sites get hacked… you can be right back up and running with a few clicks!
  • Updates on all WP databases, Plugins, and themes.
  • First Month Rebbekah will lock down your WordPress website with Plugins and other services so that hackers cannot get into your website. After the first month when Rebbekah is doing the backups she will run scanners and checks to be sure the site is still safely locked down.
  • Monthly recurring fee after initial set up: $47.00

**Backups of your website will be scheduled on the day that you sign up. For instance you sign up on May 1, each month your backups will be done on the 1st of the month after payment has been made.