Social Media and Mobile Website Integration Full package

The Time for Mobile Is Now

Morgan Stanley analysts have said by 2015 mobile web will be bigger than desktop internet… that on average 1 in 7 searches are done on a mobile device currently … that 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent… and 9 out of 10 searches have taken action as a result of a mobile phone search.

  1. There are more mobile phones on earth than there are TV’s.
  2. 85% of mobile devices will be web enabled by next year.
  3. 70% of mobile searches result in acting within 1 hour!
  4. Mobile search has grown 4x in the past year.
  5. 91% of all US adults have their mobile devices within reach, 24/7
  6. 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent.
  7. 30% of restaurant searches are from mobile devices.
  8. Mobile coupons get 10x’s the redemption rate of traditional paper coupons.

With global searches rising each year due to the increase in mobile phones, ipads, and tablets, you need to have a mobile website!

Purchase the full integration package for Social media and mobile website below, OR choose just the Mobile Website Integration Package.

FULL Social media and Mobile Integration Services Package

Why is going mobile important?

  • Make your current website mobile compliant.
  • Tap to call functionality added to your website.
  • Auto-responder integration so you can build a list of mobile subscribers! Set up a sign up feature on your mobile compatible website to capture leads.

VALUE: $497.00

Social Media Integration Services

Why should your business have a Facebook Fan Page?  Because your competition is already on Facebook and you don’t want to lose out to that competition.

If you have a problem or are looking to buy something, do you ask friends if they know a good “painter”, “electrician”, “carpet cleaner”? You value their suggestion right? Facebook is a place where you can prove you’re good at what you do by sharing tips and displaying products, services, or your portfolio.

As you interact with people, their comments and interactions are seem by their friends which brings brand awareness of your business to more people. For example if I check in to “Rita’s Bar” all my contacts know where I am. If I comment, “Had a great time at Rita’s Bar, brilliant food”  I’m promoting the reputation and brand of Rita’s Bar. All within seconds! The word spreads…people click on like, they share, your brand is now being seen by others who are outside of your regular network. They say your next contact is only 7 people away…think how fast that can happen using Social Media!

  • Create and customize pages that hide content to visitors until they like your fan page.
  • Built-in Squeeze Pages and Shopping Cart in your FB page (services, products) people can sign up for your newsletter or shop your products and services right inside of your Facebook Fan Page.
  • Color Customization of your FB Fan Pages to compliment your website, including Facebook Fan Page Cover images, and customized images for the apps. boxes
  • Embed videos, Run contests, Create membership sites all within your FB Fan Page (for membership sites within FB there is an additional $297.00 fee)
  • Force Likes on your FB Page by locking down specific pages or posts on your website and integrate it into your FB Page (this includes videos, images or any kind of content)

  • Integrate Pinterest into your FB Fan page.
    • Add a Pinterest button on the corner of all your images on your FB Fan Page, and website.
    • Create up to 5 boards on topics related to your business.
    • Post 2 images, articles, or videos on each topic board.
    • Find up to 20 people to follow in your business niche.

    Pinterest is the newest and hottest social networking site, and has surpassed even FB with sending traffic to your website. [Did you know that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, Linkedin, and YouTube COMBINED? (source: here) ]

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a box graphic that contains a barcode that can be scanned by smartphone users so that they can immediately view your webpage while looking at your print ad in New Connexion. QR codes provide an immediate response to your ad (QR stands for quick response) by taking the reader to your website via a smartphone.

  • Create “scan to calls”, vCards, email triggers, location & directions, direct URL access, and more! Use the QR Codes on mailing cards, websites, social networks, business cards, signs, etc.
  • **The average person who uses a QR Code has an annual income of over $100,000.00+ according to Marketing Sherpa, PLUS you can use QR Codes in your FB Fan Page Cover Image. As of May 2012 it is not against the FB policies.)
  • You can also use QR codes in Kindle eBooks. Even though affiliate links cannot be used in eBooks, they do allow QR codes. Create a free eBook and include a couple QR Codes at the end of the book to redirect to either your mailing list sign up page, or services page, or products.
  • Use QR Codes for contest, when you scan this we will also add you to our text message subscriber list. (or newsletter)
  • Directions to your local business
  • Virtual House Tour for Realtors
  • You Tube QR Codes-Link your marketing videos to QR Codes
  • Coffee shops that have to hand out their Wi-Fi codes, create a code and place it somewhere in the store.
  • Scan it and you can win “_____”
  • Use QR codes inside of your videos….they will watch your videos to grab the QR code specials.

VALUE: $197.00

  • Add a text messaging service to your FB Fan Page and Website. Offer special coupons, sign ups and more by using text messaging. 1 cent text messages in US and UK, not available in other countries.

Plus cost of texts sent out to your list .01 per text sent

First Month is FREE, in order for you to add on this service you will have to subscribe below. The set up cost of $97.00 has been included in the whole package below.

  • Weekly or Monthly back-ups of your FB Fan Page and website for a small monthly fee, after the first FREE month, will be automatically charged to your PayPal or Credit Card account.
  • EVERYTHING will be backed up - theme settings, pages, posts, comments, plugins and more!
  • Perfect data backup tool just in case your blogs, fan pages and mobile sites get hacked… you can be right back up and running with a few clicks!
  • Updates on all WP databases, Plugins, and themes.
  • (INCLUDED) Initial set up: $97.00
  • Monthly recurring fee after initial set up: $47.00

First Month is FREE, in order for you to add on this service you will have to subscribe below. No backups will be done on your FB Fan Page OR Website until you have signed up for this service.

**Backups of your website will be scheduled on the day that you sign up. For instance you sign up on May 1, each month your backups will be done on the 1st of the month after payment has been made.

The set up cost of $97.00 has been included in the whole package below.


Limited Time ONLY $997.00!

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