Podcasting Services

Rebbekah White, owner of Advantage Marketing For You, is an expert in podcasting. For 6+ yrs she has been running a successful health and wellness Podcast called Heal Yourself Talk Radio, and for 3 years she co-hosted and produced The Mo and Bek Show and ran WRSP936.com.

She is very well versed in using Blog Talk Radio, iTunes, or SAM a spacial net software program for people to run their very own online radio station. Rebbekah is experienced in what products to use for the best sound, what Podcasting directories to be listed in, and how best to have your website set up to bring in more listeners.

“Rebbekah, thanks for the totally perfect way you edited my podcasts during the last years. I can always depend on you to do what I ask . . . and so much more!

I’m grateful I met you years ago and hired you as my webmaster. What a gift you are!”

Doris Helge, Ph.D., www.CoachingByDoris.com

You can hire Rebbekah today to teach you how to:

  • Set up and teach you how to use Blog Talk Radio, Talk Shoe, or other Podcast software/program
  • Set up your Podcast in online directories to help you be found
  • Create voice over introductions and outros for your podcast
  • Create graphics to use to help promote your new podcast
  • Edit your audios
  • and much more!

Hourly rate is $45.00 an hour. Purchase below. Have questions?



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I am a writer and artist, the old fashioned kind with pen and paper. When I describe what I want for a website Rebbekah White creates exactly what I want. She has created many websites for me and walked me step by step through the realm of the internet when I was a newbie. I would not be where I am today without her expertise. SEO? She knows it. Podcasting success? She’s got it covered. Social networking assistance? Give her a call. If it’s graphics you need? Rebbekah will create one that will knock your socks off. Need to see it to believe? Check out one of my websites.

Kim Mutch Emerson