Affirmation Quotes and Images to use in Your Social Media

We all know that pictures tell a story, and grab your readers attention.

I LOVE affirmations and quotes that stand out, and I have created 94 images that you can use in your daily promotions on either Pinterest or Facebook.

Some of the images are large enough for you to use as a desktop backdrop! I have found this very useful when using affirmations that will help me reach a certain goal I have set for myself.

Many of the background photos were taken by myself over the past few months…..when I started back into my photography as a hobby I never realized how much fun it would be to use my own photos for creating images that others could share on the internet with quotes and affirmations.

The below video will show you ALL 94 Quotes and Affirmations, since there are so many of them, they do go by fast, otherwise this video would have been over 15 minutes long :)

Get ALL 94 Images:

Writing Quotes: 8

Relaxation Affirmations: 20

Peaceful and Calming Affirmations: 33

Misc. Affirmations: 25

Misc. Quotes: 8

For ONLY $9.95!!

Once purchased you can use them any way you wish from posting on Facebook, Pinterest, to using them on your blogs!

Want to Learn How to Create Memorable Social media Marketing?

Visual marketing is the act of connecting the power of images with your written content to create memorable marketing and it’s power can be seen almost everywhere you look online. Images have the ability to turn your ideas and concepts or brand values into an actual visual that people can see and remember.

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