How to Check Your Website Rankings With Rank Tracker


Rank Tracker is a very popular tool for checking rankings of different websites. You can check a variety of search engines all at once and many different keywords all at once. You can save different websites as different projects so you can see how they do over time. All you need to do to refresh […]

Easy to Use Google Keyword Tool Guide


When it comes to keyword tools, the Google Keyword Tool is the king of the hill. The Google Keyword Tool pulls its data straight from Google’s database. Here you can find out exactly how many people each are searching for the keyword terms you’re targeting every month. You can find out keywords that people who […]

SEO- Black Hat versus White Hat Techniques What do they mean?

Over the past few months with the Google updates, people have been panicking about their search engine optimization on their websites and have been asking me questions about the terms Black Hat SEO marketing vs. White Hat SEO marketing. Today while I was doing my usual Sunday routine of  updating my own sites and searching […]

9 Post-Penguin Linkbuilding Tactics


In many ways, the Google Penguin update really tossed up a lot of what the internet marketing world thought they knew about SEO. Many old linkbuilding tactics, such as buying .edu links, mass blog comment posting or article directory submissions not only lost value, but could actually come back and hurt your rankings. Today, the […]

Now What? New Penguin Updates On Page Search Engine Optimization

1-Title Tag

On page search engine optimization is an extremely important part of the overall search engine optimization formula. Some people say it’s half the equation. In reality, it’s more like an entry ticket to compete. Having your on-page SEO done well isn’t necessarily going to help you topple the #1 position for your keyword. However, if […]

Social Media Marketing and SEO – Is One More Important Than the Other?

social media marketing and SEO

Two of the most important factors for any growing online business are SEO and Social media marketing. But is one more important than the other? Should you put more time and energy into one and not the other? Which can make a bigger difference on your bottom line? Let’s explore some of these questions. SEO […]

WordPress SEO Tips

Starting a new WordPress blog? Getting your WordPress optimization right will help you get ranked in the search engines, as well as make your site easier to use overall. These are the most important things to pay attention to when you’re optimizing your WordPress SEO. ==> Set the Title Format By default, WordPress has your […]

Google Search Engine Optimization Tips

Google Search Engine Optimization Tips

Google is by far the largest search engine on the planet. Though Bing and Yahoo have merged, they still haven’t made a dent in Google’s market share. If you want to get free traffic, optimizing your site for Google is the most important thing you can do. By and large, what you do that benefits […]

Four Steps to Ensure Your Business Reaches Its Online Potential

Local SEO

How to Use Meta Tags Effectively

When you run a website, one of your goals is to get more people to come to it. That is why there is such a strong focus on so-called “search engine optimization” (or “SEO”) strategies. SEO strategies try to assist you in getting your website to place well in search engine results, so that people […]