Email Marketing: What’s the Right Balance Between Selling and Connection


Email marketing often involves a tightrope walk between selling and connection. If you sell too much, you’ll lose your customer’s interest and burn out your list. Focus too much on connection and not on selling and you won’t generate enough revenue. What’s the right balance? ==> Between 10% and 20% Selling Generally the right amount […]

Launching an Email Marketing Campaign in Easy Steps

The best way to sell anything by email is to create a compelling email marketing campaign. A campaign is a series of emails going out to your list and lists of your partners promoting a product. Here’s how to craft a successful email marketing campaign in just a few easy steps. => Step 1: Identify […]

Headlines Guaranteed to Get Your Email Message Opened

Your headline is the most important part of your email. If you don’t have a good headline, your email won’t be opened and the rest of the email won’t even matter. How do you write headlines that are guaranteed to get your emails opened? Here are a few tips and formulas. => Start a Swipe […]

Email Newsletters – How to Make Your Content More Sharable on Social Media

For the last ten years, online newsletters have been one of the most powerful tools available to internet business owners. Today, Social media is becoming increasingly more important. How can you write your newsletters in a way that gets people to pass them on through their social media? Here are a few tips. => Important: […]