Spring Cleaning Your Business Processes and Systems

Your systems are what make your business run. They’re the day-to-day processes that fit together to create effective methods of creating products, managing people, getting customers and so on. Your business systems may be clearly written out, or they may just be your day-to-day actions that you go through without ever consciously thinking about it. […]

Organize Your Business Cards to Supercharge Your Networking

Organize Your Business Cards to Supercharge Your Networking

Business cards are one of the most powerful networking tools on the planet – and one of the most abused and underused. Most people go to networking events and just collect a bunch of business cards that never get contacted. This is a terrible system. If you don’t have a good system for organizing your […]

Five Steps to Eliminating Digital Time Wasters

5 Steps to Eliminating Digital Time Waster

Digital time wasters are one of the biggest time drains in today’s workplace. Digital time wasters include social bookmarking sites like Reddit, 9Gag and StumbleUpon, as well as seemingly productive facilities like email and Twitter. These sites can suck you in, consume hours of your time and spit you back out before you’ve even realized […]

Organizing Your Desk and Your Computer Files

organizing your desk and files

If your desk and your computer files are messy and disorganized, it’ll sap your energy, reduce your productivity and waste your time on trying to find things. Furthermore, when your desk and your files are organized, it creates a sense of pride in your workspace. You’re more likely to look forward to working, rather than […]

Why Webinars are Good Marketing Tools


Webinars are one of the best marketing tools available to entrepreneurs today. They’re simple and easy to use, yet can have a powerful impact on your connection with your audience. Why are webinars such powerful instructing and communication devices? ==> Let People Meet the Real You It’s one thing to read your writing in text […]

Tips to Succeed as a Mompreneur

Being a mompreneur can be both incredibly challenging and incredibly rewarding. Rather than just raising a child or children, you’re also building a business at the same time – both of which take a ton of emotional energy and commitment. Here are few tips for succeeding as a mompreneur. => Separate Business and Personal Having […]

Self-Employed? How to Save for Retirement

If you’re self-employed, does that mean you have to forgo the many benefits of a retirement plan? Absolutely not! While you may not have an employer matching your every contribution, you can still structure your retirement in an intelligent, tax-friendly way. Here are a couple different ways you can save for retirement, along with a […]

Mompreneur: New Addition on the Way?

Working from home with a new baby on the way? How do you cope with having a new child come along? What will it be like? How can you make sure that your child gets all the attention he or she needs, while simultaneously growing a successful business? Here are a few choice tips to […]

How to Become a Successful Home Business Consultant

Becoming a successful home business consultant involves first executing strategies to get initial clients, then using those clients to get referrals and even more clients. The initial few months are the hardest. Once you have your first few satisfied customers, your success will snowball from there. How do you get started? Read on. => Identify […]

How to Create a Podcast Using WordPress

I have been doing Podcasting for almost 7 years  with Heal Yourself Talk Radio , The Mo and Bek Show and now WRSP936.com, and have used many different platforms for all the different radio shows: Talk Shoe, Blog Talk Radio, Audio Acrobat, SAM Broadcaster, etc etc. There are many different ways to create a Podcast […]