Why Your Website Is Your Brand’s Window to the World

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If you’re running a business in today’s economy, whether it be big or small, you need a website. Gone are the days where you could just get by on word of mouth or hopes that someone might find you in the telephone book. In today’s digital age, search engines on the internet are the modern […]

4 Reasons Why Facebook Isn’t Enough 

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Many small business owners have jumped on the Facebook Page bandwagon. Some are even abandoning the idea of having web pages and blogs in favor of a Facebook Page. It seems so much easier than the other options. However, this is a huge mistake. Facebook is not enough in the world of online marketing to […]

Simple Strategies for Responding to Bad Online Reviews

What to do when your receive a bad review?

If you’re in business long enough, it’s going to happen. Someone is going to say something bad about you online. It may or may not be true. It will be upsetting, and it will cause you to doubt everything you believe in. But, there is a way that you can turn bad online reviews into […]

How to Use Facebook to Motivate Sales via Social Commerce

Social commerce is the growing practice of making buying decisions based on Social media outlets. Common examples of this include peer to peer recommendations via social media, “sale” tabs on branded Social media pages, and group buying sites like LivingSocial. The trend is so popular that some experts estimate that 50% of online sales are […]

Does Your Website Need an Update?


If you first created your website from a template just because you wanted to be “on the web” but you’ve never updated it, and your website has no real traffic, it might be time to explore the idea of updating it. After all, a website is an excellent marketing tool that can bring new business […]

The Difference in Hiring Independent Contractors and Having an Employee


As a business grows, it will happen that you’ll need to either hire employees or independent contractors. There are some advantages to hiring independent contractors over employees – advantages such as not having to pay someone a full-time wage for part-time work. A few more advantages of hiring independent contractors over employees are not having to pay payroll […]

How To Update Your WordPress Blog In One Click Even If The Upgrade Fails

Something that everyone should do who has a WordPress blog is keep it completely up to date. Keeping your WordPress blog up to date ensures all plugins will continue working, you will have access to the latest features and most importantly that your blog is now safe from hackers and intruders. Most people don’t know […]

10 Common Outsourcing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Managing outsourcers can seem very easy from the outside. How many times have you heard someone say, “just outsource it?” Yet in real life, it’s almost never as easy as “just” outsourcing it. There’s a lot of room for mistakes. Here are the 10 most common outsourcing mistakes and how to avoid them. 1. Outsourcing […]

What to Consider When Hiring and Working with a Contractor or Virtual Assistant

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Many of those that I network with may not even realize that I also work as a virtual assistant, over the years I have learned a few things that not only help me in finding my own ideal client, but what tools and checklists small business owners should look for when looking to outsource to […]

What Could Happen If Someone Gains Entry Into Your WordPress Blog?


I don’t want to scare you but I want you to be aware of the reasons why you should backup your WordPress blog, and even better protect it against someone getting access to that site. Someone getting into your WordPress blog can delete anything that is there, can replace it with something else, redirect it […]