5 Easy Ways to Leveraging Your Social Media Audience to Create More Buzz

Social media is a great way to promote your business and create more buzz. It doesn’t matter if you have a bricks and mortar business, or a completely online business. It also doesn’t matter if you sell products or services. Using Social media to create more buzz is something all business owners need to do. […]

Twelve Types of Facebook Posts That Are Guaranteed to Engage People

Facebook is a Social media giant. Without a doubt it’s the most popular social networking site in the world, and in the past ten years it’s managed to get billions of people hooked on the platform. There are many different kinds of Facebook posts but here we’re going to look at Facebook posts that will […]

4 Reasons Why Facebook Isn’t Enough 

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Many small business owners have jumped on the Facebook Page bandwagon. Some are even abandoning the idea of having web pages and blogs in favor of a Facebook Page. It seems so much easier than the other options. However, this is a huge mistake. Facebook is not enough in the world of online marketing to […]

How to Use Facebook to Motivate Sales via Social Commerce

Social commerce is the growing practice of making buying decisions based on Social media outlets. Common examples of this include peer to peer recommendations via social media, “sale” tabs on branded Social media pages, and group buying sites like LivingSocial. The trend is so popular that some experts estimate that 50% of online sales are […]

The Best and Worst Times to Post on Social Networks

I found this on Pinterest and thought this would be of useful help to my readers….there is always some new times to post, or way to improve your social networking. Why not compile it all and do your own tests? If you do post your results below I for one would be very interested in […]

Five Rules for Using Social Media for Branding

Five Rules for Using Social Media for Branding

Social media is one of the most powerful branding mediums in today’s digital age. When Social media first came on the scene, both major brands and small businesses were hesitant to get in the game. Today, however, just about everyone is leveraging this powerful tool. Social media allows you to follow up with people while […]

Internet Marketing Commandments

IM Commandments

How using Talk Fusion for Video Marketing and WordPress is going to change your business!


As an internet marketer and website designer I am interested in keeping up with new ideas and trends in internet marketing. Since I have been a website designer and webmaster for many clients for over 8 years and have experience creating my own marketing websites, internet radio shows, website promotion, making money on the internet, I […]

Facebook: An Effective Tool to Increase Your Sales

Today, the internet is one of the most popular places for businesses to advertise in. Every website you visit, you will see that there will be advertising everywhere. This is called internet marketing. If you have a business of your own and you want to effectively market your products or services, you will see that […]

Facebook Marketing: Starting an Online Business

The newest trend in the internet today is joining one of the many social networking websites. Here, you will be able to keep in touch with your old friends as well as your relatives and you will also be able to make new friends as well as meet new people. With social networking websites, you […]